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CORAL Reef is an academic talker. It exists to provide an environment in which people can work together on projects and for educational purposes. Talker sites exist for just that purpose: talk. These types of sites originally provided a place for recreation. But when I visited my first talker, Speedway, in 1994, I was immediately struck by the greater potential of *collaboration*.

People are expected to use their real names here. There are many fine talker sites, where experiments in anonymity and gender bending are encouraged, however the CORAL Reef is not one of them. We are an academic site, and welcome all who are interested in Collaborative Online Research And Learning.

The command structures here are designed to facilitate conversation. For the newest person to the net all you need to do is type at your keyboard. When you press the Enter key everyone in the room can see what you "said". It's as simple as that. But there is more to the environment. It is possible to enhance the communicative process with myriad commands. Everything from verbal movement to email is available here.

CORAL Reef is a collection of "rooms" that are arranged so that several groups of people can work without disturbing each other. Rooms can be set to "private" so that others cannot accidentally wander in, and commands are available to allow communication across the site when necessary.


Connecting to the CORAL Reef

  1. Java gateway into CORAL Reef.
    The Java Gate requires a browser that can support Java and Javascript. Generally, browsers earlier than Version 4 cannot do this. If you have an older computer and/or browser you can enter the CORAL Reef using a telnet program.

    Macintosh computers seem to have a lot of problems with Java. Alex Stewart, the author of the Cup O Mud Java applet, has written about a number of Macintosh problems with this applet.

  2. There are several telnet options
    If your browser has been set up to launch a telnet program, you can simply telnet into the CORAL Reef

    Windows has a built-in telnet program but I find it to be sadly lacking many important functions. I recommend Netterm, a shareware program. You may want to read this handout on telnet or the Netterm handout. You can set up a regular connection in your telnet program with these settings:

    Enter the HOST/IP as coral.wcupa.edu.org
    The PORT NUMBER is 8001
    When telnetting I also recommend a VT100 terminal emulation.

  3. If you have a UNIX shell account you can telnet directly from the UNIX prompt: telnet coral.wcupa.edu 8001
    Notice there is one blank space after "telnet" and before the "8001"


Help With the Talker Commands

You'll do fine at the Reef with no commands at all. But a few will help you communicate more effectively. The help page offers a brief overview of a dozen commands. The Introduction to Reef Commands page goes into more detail and covers more commands. And a complete command chart is available.Remember, all commands begin with a dot (.)!

About the Amnuts Program

I have always depended upon the kindness of strangers. This talker site is based on the Amnuts program, version 2.2.1. I am especially appreciative of the work done by Ardant, of Enchantment Under the Sea, who created the tape recorder just for us! Special thanks go to Andy, the author of Amnuts, and others who frequent the Amnuts Message Board all of whom offered many valuable suggestions and insights. Setting up this talker, and working with Ardant and Andy and others who helped me, have been extraordinary experiences.

The fundamental value of the Internet, underlying the protocols and wires, is the openness and generosity of the creators and shapers of code and culture in cyberspace.

Session logs

The Cup O Mud Java Gate was created by Alex Stewert. Thanks to Ancient Realms II for the "Who's Online" script. Web work by Matrix Magic

Last Edited: 28 Jan 2003