CORAL: Collaborative Online Research And Learning

Project Guide Guidelines

Check List for Project Guides To Stay On Top Of Your Team:

  • Check your team’s webboard on a daily basis to analyze communication.
  • Checking your team’s fileman to ensure they are being organized.
  • Reading your team’s CORAL reef chats to see how roles and inter-group communication is developing.
  • Checking the team calendar to make sure the team is being organized.
  • Observing their team’s video conferencing (VC) to ensure that everyone is communicating and the team is focusing on team effectiveness and development.
  • Write a weekly team analysis incorporating all of these elements (webboard, fileman, CORAL reef, calendar, VC) to be sent to the CORAL Graduate Assistant for review and advice.
  • Check the Project Guide webboard on a daily basis
  • Post any questions/concerns to the Project Guide webboard.