Teaching and Learning on the Internet
Web-Based Courses and Resources

Invited Address
BEA Miniconvention on Interactive Technology
American Psychological Association
Boston, Ma. 1999

Thomas Treadwell, Ed.D.
West Chester University

If There is a Better Solution....Find It -- Thomas Edison

Much has been written about web-course development, the value for reaching students and enriching the course curricula, with emphasis on distance education. To date many professors have the perception they can't afford the equipment for such intensive stu dent-faculty interaction. Indeed, equipment is expensive, however, we need to 'reach out' and utilize the technology resources that are freely available. A frequently asked question is 'well whom do I talk with?','how do I find this information'? Excellent   questions! I believe today's sessions offer some answers. For example, it is critical that faculty and administration be on the same page with technology. How does this happen? I alert you to a session this afternoon that addresses this topic, 'Teaching, Learning, and Technology', chaired by Leon VandeCreek, with keynote speaker Stephen Gilbert.

This morning I am going to present an overview of three components of web-based 'packaged web-course software', 'webboards', and 'collaborative teaching over teaching and research over the Internet'. Since we do not have the time to focus on any one specific aspect, there are ten on-line classroom programs, immediately following this talk that give you a 'hands on feel' and a more detailed description of topic you are interested in. I will be dialoguing with Paula Edmiston, to bring clarity to the components being discussed.

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