Presenters Names and addresses
Dr. Thomas Treadwell
Department of Psychology
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2723
Bob Mittan
Director of the Writing Center
Casper College - UW/CC
Casper, WY 82601 USA
Paul Arsenault
Department of Management
West Chester University
West Chester Pa. 19383
Adel Barimani
Director,  Academic Computer Services
West Chester University,
West Chester, Pa.  19383 USA
Paula Edmiston
Georgia Tech Research Institute
161 5th St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30332-0837
Donna Ashcraft
Department of Psychology
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, USA
Michelle Boury
Department of Psychology
West Chester University
West Chester Pa. 19383
Nicole Lavertue
Department of Psychology
West Chester University
West Chester Pa. 19383
Robin Beaver
Department of Communications
Casper College-University of Wyoming,
Casper, WY 82601 USA

2. Title of presentation
Exploring innovations in collaborative pedagogy: Collaborative Inter-Class Teaching and Research Over the Internet

3. Brief description of  presentation

Brief description

Since 1992, the purpose of the Collaborative Research Team has been to create a model for the integration of technology with collaborative teaching and learning. Traditional classroom settings, and especially classrooms that have been restructured to incorporate technology, are believed to not only allow the exchange of information and permit knowledge acquisition, but also provide students with the occasion to engage in active learning and collaboration.


I. Main Points

  • Overview of the collaborative model.
  • Connecting with peers
  • West Chester University measured leadership and motivation using
    sociometric instruments from a social science perspective.
  • California State University at Long Beach contributed leadership and
    motivational theorists from a business perspective.
  • Casper College/University of Wyoming provided writing assistants for the collaborative
  • 1999 - Clarion University joined collaborative project.

II Introducing students to the Internet project

  • First meeting: place students into groups
  • Second meeting: e-mail, listserv, web/Netscape training
  • Third meeting: contact distant sites

III. Phases of collaboration (including examples of student messages and role of
writing assistant for each message).

  • Collaboration defined
  • Making contact
  • Tangram exercise
  • Task clarification
  • Duty/role negotiation
  • Work
  • Settlement and closure


IV. Issues faced by Participants

  • Professors
  • Director of Writing Center
  • Writing Assistants
  • Research Assistants
  • Division of Labor
  • Managing of time effectively as collaboration progresses
  • Technical Assistance for Online Communication

V.  Benefits of collaborative model

  • Learning environment models the workplace.
  • Prepares students for the work place.
  • Students experience working together as a unit.

VI.  Grants

  • SmarterKids Foundation Grant (Smartboards).
  • CAPE Faculty Incentive Grant for Interactive Video.

VII.  Conclusions and likely outcomes

  • Suggestions for establishing a collaborative learning model.
  • Suggestions for restructuring the collaborative model if problems arise.
  • Future of collaborative learning model.
  • Expansion to other inter and intra university sites.
  • Experiments with other Web-based synchronous & asynchronous communication system(s).
  • Web-based-Chat and interactive video.

4. Where the project has been applied (e.g., type of course, type of practice, or type of supervision)

The collaborative project has been applied to several courses and disciplines. We have experimented with colleges of business & management and colleges of arts and sciences. It appears that multiple courses can utilize the collaborative interactive model.

5. Software for project.

WWWBoard created by Matt Wright and can be found at Matt's Script Archive WWWboard. This is the board system that we've used for the collaborative project for the last several semesters.

Real time Chat Athenaeum Paula Edminston’s Talker site.


This board system is the one established by Casper College. I've created a private discussion here called Collaborative Project, which will appear for you ONLY IF you connect using your login and password (sent to you earlier). I'll also establish links to each of the other board systems here so that you don't have to remember or retype to check out the other boards.


This board system was set up at WCU in January and has just a few sample messages on it.

6. Website(s) address for additional information.

[Collaborative Teaching Learning and Research home page]

Introducing Collaborative learning.

History of the Collaborative Project

Writing Assistants Homepage

Tools for online Communication.